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    Mijwan - The Village

    Every sixth person in the world lives in India;
    Every sixth Indian lives in the State of Uttar Pradesh;
    Every sixth person in Uttar Pradesh lives in Eastern U.P;
    And Mijwan is in Eastern Uttar Pradesh ;

    And Mijwan needs you…

  • Empowerment And Education of The Girl Child

    Empowerment And Education of The Girl Child

    Our focus has been gender empowerment though overall personality development with focus on extra curricular activities theatre, dance and craft and computer literacy.

    Several initiatives to encourage students to value the importance of education have been taken.

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    Kaifi Azmi and Mijwan

    Kaifi Azmi was born to a zamindar family in Mijwan, a tiny village in Azamgarh Eastern U.P. He believed that in a country like India where 80% of the population lives in the villages, we will need to empower rural India if real progress is to be made. Towards this objective, he formed an NGO called MIJWAN WELFARE SOCIETY(MWS) in 1993.
    Today, his daughter, renowned actress/activist Shabana Azmi, carries forward the work started by her father along with her goddaughter Namrata Goyal.

  • Mijwan Welfare Society

    Mijwan Welfare Society

    Kaifi Azmi founded MIJWAN WELFARE SOCIETY (MWS), Kaifi Azmi girls inter-college, Kaifi Azmi computer centre , the Sewing and embroidery centre where students are taught stitching and embroidery.

    The objectives of the Society are Employment, Self Reliance, Sustainable Development.

  • Mijwan Needs You
  • Empowerment And Education of The Girl Child
  • Kaifi Azmi and Mijwan
  • Mijwan Welfare Society

Mijwan Welfare Society - Shabana Azmi

- Kaifi Azmi

Shabana Azmi

Lines from a poem written by my father, the noted Urdu poet, late Kaifi Azmi continue to strike an emotional chord in my heart and inspire me to work with renewed strength for the marginalised sections of our society. Mijwan Welfare Society (MWS) is an NGO founded by my father in 1993 that works for the empowerment of villagers in a small village, Mijwan in Azamgarh UP where he was born. My father believed that India's remarkable economic progress can only be meaningful if it reaches out to rural India, where 80 percent of the population lives but is denied access to opportunity.

After he passed away on 10th May 2002, I have, along with my godchild Namrata Goyal, taken on the task of carrying my father's dream forward by steering MWS which runs:

  1. Kaifi Azmi High School for girls
  2. Kaifi Azmi Inter College for girls
  3. Kaifi Azmi Computer Training Center
  4. Kaifi Azmi Sewing and Tailoring Center

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Namrata Goyal

namrata-goyal-mijwanIt’s time we stop watching this injustice silently and move towards action. It’s time that we stand up against the disparity between the rich and the poor and realize that they have an equal right to life. My heartfelt plea is for all of you to join our movement.

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Manish Malhotra

manish-malhotraI am happy to adopt the Kaifi Azmi Chikankari Centres in Mijwan. I see this not as an act of charity, but a win-win situation for both. The girls get a means of livelihood by which they can negotiate a better position for themselves in a patriarchal society.

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Fragrance Reaches Far

Fragrance Reaches Far

Popularity of Mijwan Chikankaari knows no boundary. Ms.Munira Punawala & Ms. Riya Gupta, both students of School of Fashion Technology, Pune who are documenting Chikankaari as assigned by their College, visited Mijwan on June 9th and stayed for four days for video documentation and interview of girls regarding changes it made in their life. They gave their own design too and asked Mijwan girls to repeat the magic they did for Mr. Manish Malhotra, Ms. Anita Dongre & Ms. Jayanthi Reddy. The Samples would be preserved at their Alma Mater.


Growing Network Beyond Boundaries

Growing Network Beyond Boundaries

Students of Mijwan's Beautician Training Course along with their teachers had a first hand experience of learning at Vocational Training Center being run by Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Society, popularly known as Saidham, situated at Faridabad in Haryana.
They were received by it's Founder Chairman Mr. Motilal Gupta, Teachers and Students of Vocational Training Center of Saidham. Our girls were taken through the entire setup and been told more recent techniques, latest fashion, expectations of present day customers by Ms. Anuradha Soni. She guided, compassionately, our girls how to start their own business setup and what to incorporate to make customers feel comfortable there too. Teachers and Girls of both centers exchanged their views, demands & expectations of clients of respective geographical area.

Remembering Kaifi Azmi on his 13th Death Anniversary

Late Kaifi Azmi Death Anniversary - Mijwan

Mijwan has given tribute to Late Kaifi Sahab, a poet par excellence on his 13th death anniversary. Around 150 peoples attended this programme. There were Dr. Abdullah Sahab, Kamred Harmindar Pandey, PR Gautam, Shiv Prasad Ji, Mukesh Singh and the whole program was conducted by Shiv Prasad Jaiswal Ji.

A drama was also presented by KAGIC girls.

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Where Legacy is all about empowerment

Where Legacy is all about empowerment

Indian Film Industry and Fashion World was jubilant to watch a picture perfect show when Mega Stars of yesteryear catwalk on the ramp with their megastar children to express their solidarity to cause highlighted by Kaifi AzmI in 1993 and being spearheaded by Shabana Azmi on 4th April 2015 at Hotel Grand Hyatt.