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The efforts of MWS need to be strengthened so that Mijwan can be seen as a self-sufficient and replicable model for other villages.

Entry point is education that gets enhanced by computer training and computer centre - becoming a window of opportunity for training and employment.

A teacher from Kaifi Azmi school in Mijwan is the only one in all of UP to have won the 2008 National Youth Award instituted by the Govt of India and given by the Hon Vice President of India. There is a requirement for more trainers in the computer centre.

The computer centre works on a generator which is funded by the MWS. This is a costly affair.

The way ahead for the computer centre

  • Build capacities of the communities to be able to take advantage of technology to better their lives.
  • Run programs that meet immediate community needs while generating revenues.
  • Identify opportunities and develop programs that the center can run to enhance its revenues.
  • Partner with the local school to prepare learners of the future.

Computer Training = Employment in the Embroidery And Sewing Center

  • With the help of computer education, girls are able to teach themselves designs through the net - are able to enhance their capabilities. This will make them independent and self-sufficient finally empowering them through their work in the embroidery center.
  • But owing to the inequality in society, girls are not given an opportunity to take advantage of computer education. They are talented but lack the means to their fundamental right – education.
  • Funding to help pay their fees will see many more girls educated and empowered.
  • With increased education and employment opportunities for the villagers, they will see no reason to migrate to the city for search of employment.

Embroidery And Sewing Center

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