Join our campaign


With your support many children and the underprivileged can realise their right to opportunities and the right to life in Mijwan and rural India.

1. Become a corporate partner

MWS seeks to join hands with corporate organisations that will help MWS educate and empower the girl child in Mijwan and neighbouring villages. Depending on your line of work, you could choose any of the projects your organisation wishes to be involved in. Since MWS is 80G cleared, your company can benefit from tax exemption but also add value to your brand through corporate social responsibility.

2. At your college/university

Become a member at your university's RAG (Raising and giving for charity) society and organise fund-raisers for MWS projects, create a global youth movement to raise awareness onthe state of villages in India

3. Contribute to MWS

your contribution however small will help the lives of the villagers

4. Contribute gifts every festival

so your contribution of Rs.1000 will be spent on buying desks and chairs for the Computer centre or the school or for buying fabric for crochet work.

5. Interested in writing and direction?

You could write and direct - for our websites, blogs, scripts for KaifiAzmi school plays or even prepare a grant

6. Volunteering

MWS would love to engage in new ideas and skills that volunteers would like to offer. MWS needs volunteers to teach English in KaifiAzmi School and Inter-College and KaifiAzmi Computer Centre.

7. Adopt a child's education

Rs. 6000 can see a girl child through a year of schooling and computer education

8. Sponsor the salary

of KaifiAzmi school/ KaifiAzmi Computer centre teacher.

9. Money to run

one of our three centres and MWS projects

10. Capacity Building

infrastructure improvements, training, institutional integration

11. Fund Raising

for a Girls Degree College

12. Help to bring enabling government (state and centre) policies

to the NGO's notice

13. Assist MWS' expansion plans

to open many more sewing embroidery centres in surrounding areas of UP

14. Create health awareness camps

for MWS especially on prevention of infant and maternal mortality.

15. Upgrade our primary health sub-centre

with equipment and medicines

16. Awareness building