Kaifi Azmi Girls School And Inter-College

kaifi-schoolMuch has happened in the past year. Our girls have passed their Board Exam with 100 percent results. They are learning English through SKYPE from USA under the auspices of the ANN Foundation USA. Plans are underway to expand the programmefurther to start a full fledged Diploma Course. We also plan to start a Technical Institute so Mijwan becomes a Centre around which a lot of satellite villages and small towns can learn skills that will create employment generation.

Girls from the Kaifi Azmi Inter College won the 1st prize for cultural activity at a National Youth Competition in Jaipur. They performed in a play that they had written themselves against dowry. It was the first time they travelled out of their little village and met other young people from all over India. One of them said, “This award empowers us to hold our head high and stand up against years of tradition. It helps us say no to child marriage. We will not get married before 18 years of age because it is illegal and because we have many other dreams.” This was the process of transformation Kaifisaab had dreamed about.

Girls from Mijwan used to be married off as early as twelve years of age. It was commonplace to see them in school with the trademark sindoor (vermilion) in their hair. Today these girls have different aspirations. One wants to be an engineer, one wants to be a nurse, another wants to start a business and one even wants to be a supermodel. It reinstates the fact that to break the shackles of debilitating traditions, we need to give our girls equal opportunity through just and quality education. Access to micro credit and healthcare further create an enabling environment that can empower rural India.

Kaifi Azmi Girls School and Inter-College has 10 Classrooms totaling 212 girls between class IX to class XII with nine teachers.


Several initiatives to encourage students to value the importance of education have been taken by MWS such as to provide bicycles to deserving girl students. Union Bank of India donated cycles to such girls. Jet Airways, a private carrier also extended its helping hand to Mijwan Welfare Society as they work towards empowerment and education of the girl child.

Information on Young Buzz - to empower and enhance their abilities. The focus has been gender empowerment though overall personality dev with focus on extra curricular activities theatre, dance and craft and computer literacy.
Major Donors

The construction of the Kaifi Azmi School building was financed by

  • Maulana Azad Education Foundation
  • Shyam Bengal, noted Film Maker &Member of Parliament
  • Shabana Azmi, Former Member of Parliament