Mijwan Goes Digital - Free WIFI for Mijwan

Free wifi for mijwan

With immense pride, we are happy to announce that Mijwan has now gone digital! Putting its firm feet on the path of technological advancement, Mijwan will now have bank accounts for all its villagers, free Wi-fi services in the village, as well as POS machines for all shopkeepers so that buyers can make digital and cashless payments. In addition to this, new hand pumps will be installed in Bakshpur and Mijwan along with RO water machines for Mijwan villagers. And to make sure that all the villagers can avail of these technological amenities, awareness programs will be conducted for all villagers on internet and mobile banking, and on how to make digital payments.


Mijwan Goes Digital!

The credit for making Mijwan a digital village goes to the unyielding efforts of Mijwan’s daughter, Shabana Azmi, whose intentions and efforts were ably and generously partnered by SBI. SBI has taken on the responsibility of Mijwan as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Shabana Azmi initially met with SBI Chairperson Ms. Arundhati Bhattacharya in Mumbai who has known about the developmental work in Mijwan since her time in Lucknow. And as a supporter and encourager of the work being done in Mijwan, she heartily consented to SBI’s contribution in making Mijwan a digital village. Subsequently, Mr. Sanjay Mishra, DGM of SBI, along with RM, the Branch Manager, and Ram Milan Pradhan took the work forward in establishing digital Mijwan. A big THANKS to everyone involved in this endeavor!

Aage badh gaya hai Mijwan…Now Mijwan is on the technological roadmap! Come, discover it!