Mijwan to become SMART under SPARSH Mission

Mijwan to become SMART under Cheif Minister Akhilesh Yadav's Prestigious SPARSH Mission

Mijwan to become SMART under Cheif Minister Akhilesh Yadav's Prestigious SPARSH Mission

"Uth meri jaan, mere Mijwan, mere saath chalna hai tujhe…" may have as well declared Kaifi Azmi… as major developmental change is coming soon to Mijwan, and in multifold.

Dreams will soon be realized, as that day is not far away when Kaifi Azmi’s birthplace, Mijwan, along with Director of Uttar Pradesh Sugar Factory’s Dr. V. K. Yadav’s birthplace Pakdi, will become unrecognizable as the backward villages people thought them to be. Reason being that these two villages have been selected under the UP government’s ambitious I-SPARSH Smart Scheme. The aim of this scheme is to bring about a major qualitative change in the standard of living of the people living in villages in India. And Mijwan, and Pakdi, will be one of its first beneficiaries.

It’s been long overdue.

Mijwan village falls in Kaifi Azmi’s daughter and cine star Shabana Azmi’s focused growth sector Phulpur district, whereas Pakdi village similarly falls under Dr. Yadav’s Ahraula district. Under the I-SPARSH Smart Scheme, aimed at making small villages self-sufficient, resources and amenities will be provided to the people of these two villages so that they do not need to go anywhere else for the most basic provisions. These facilities will include: availability of milk, road construction, electricity, water, irrigation, education, employment, agriculture, forestry, compost for farming, hygiene and cleanliness, drainage, as well as several other basic provisions.

Also included in the provisions for SMART villages are - Skill development trainings related to economic development, agro processing, agricultural services and warehousing facilities, digital literacy, hygiene, clean drinking water, management of liquid and solid trash, provisions for roads and drainage system, street lights, mobile health unit, provisions for higher education, construction of roads inter-connecting villages, internet provision so that people living in villages can be kept informed of various facilities available for them, public transport, and provisions for gas cylinders for cooking.

Furthermore, in order to expedite the process and to implement the plan quickly, officials from 24 departments in the state have been ordered to prepare and present a work plan within a week. As soon as the plan is sent to the administration, funds will be allocated and the development work will immediately begin, says Mahendra Verma, Chief Development Official.

This is just the beginning… Armed with these facilities, Mijwan will no more be a small isolated village in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Mijwan is definitely on its way of making an indelible mark on the map of the state and the country.

Aage badh raha hai Mijwan!