Mijwan Goes Digital - Free WIFI for Mijwan

Free wifi for mijwan

With immense pride, we are happy to announce that Mijwan has now gone digital! Putting its firm feet on the path of technological advancement, Mijwan will now have bank accounts for all its villagers, free Wi-fi services in the village, as well as POS machines for all shopkeepers so that buyers can make digital and cashless payments. In addition to this, new hand pumps will be installed in Bakshpur and Mijwan along with RO water machines for Mijwan villagers. And to make sure that all the villagers can avail of these technological amenities, awareness programs will be conducted for all villagers on internet and mobile banking, and on how to make digital payments.

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Badminton - Sunbeam Lahartara - Varanasi

Badminton - Sunbeam Lahartara - Varanasi

Student from Kaifi Azmi Girls Inter College visited Sunbeam Lahartara- Varanasi on 25th December 2016 to see the exposure of Badminton play.

Yash Bharti winner Mr. Gaurav Khanna is training our school girls. The program has been put in place by 16yr old Gurabaz Sandhu, who lives in USA.

16 year old Gurbaz from USA dreams to set up a Sports Academy in Mijwan

16 year old Gurbaz from USA dreams to set up a Sports Academy in Mijwan

The Kaifi Azmi Sports Academy is not just a dream project - it is soon to be a reality. I along with an amazing team at Mijwan are determined to achieve this lofty goal.

I first came to Mijwan as a 14 year old in the summer of 2014 as President of the Youth Chapter of Home of Hope (HOH) Inc., to start a sports program. I began by holding a summer camp at the Kaifi Azmi Intermediate school to teach Soccer. I didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by the great response I received. The girls were very quickly able to pick up the sport and had a lot of fun playing even though they had never seen or played the sport before. Their skill level and confidence was impressive and I was very motivated to take this to the next level. It was an experience that completely changed my perspective. The love and warmth I received from the entire team at Mijwan from the cook Gopal Ji, manager Ashutosh Ji, principal Sameena Ji to the founders Shabana Ji and the youth leader Namrata Ji really motivated me to not only build the sports program but also establish a sports academy that will help find and train India's future sports stars.

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Building a Bridge of Opportunities for Well-Being

 स्थानीय तहसील ब्लाक और जिले के प्रसिद्ध प्राप्त गाँव मेजवा मे कुंवर नदी पर बनेगा पुल ।

Kaifi Azmi had a dream for his birthplace Mijwan that he worked relentlessly for. Now, his daughter Shabana Azmi has taken over the baton and is leading the race for Mijwan on the path towards development at high speed. She wants to ensure that Mijwan takes full advantage of all the schemes that the government is making available for small villages in the state. She is knocking on all doors, be it top officials, MLAs, or even the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, and meeting them to provide Mijwan with all those facilities that a village should be enjoying for better living. Proud of her father’s and her own incessant efforts for the development of Mijwan, she brings her friends, from India as well as abroad, on her visits to Mijwan to show them that instead of a small backward village, Mijwan has become a prime example of modernity, with more and more development on its way. Shabana Azmi is working day and night to ensure that Mijwan becomes a model village in the district of Azamgarh.

And she is encountering success at every step.

This year itself, through Shabana Azmi’s efforts, the I-Sparsh scheme was launched in Mijwan, being one of the only two villages in the district to be impacted by the scheme. Under this scheme, toilets and bathrooms have been built in every house, roads are being constructed, and tanks are being built to provide clean water, among other improvements.

And not only Mijwan, Shabana Azmi’s efforts have now begun benefiting adjoining villages as well.

Most recently, a proposal to construct a bridge over the Kunwar River has been passed by the administration. The people of both Mijwan and adjoining Kaneri villages have welcomed this news with joy and applause. Earlier, villagers had to travel 6 kms along the Kunwar River to reach Mijwan. The most adversely affected by this distance were students from Kaneri and nearby villages who were unable to attend the school in Mijwan, which had been opened by Kaifi Azmi to ensure education for each child in district Azamgarh. With the new bridge in place, they will be able to attend school in Mijwan, which will now be just a short distance away. Life will also become easier for the people in the surrounding villages, Jagdishpur, Gobarha, Aspatpur, Khojapur, Bhormau, Gandi, and Jaffarpur. One major advantage will be the straight journey to Sikror market, where the villages regularly go for their basic and other purchases.

The Pradhan of Kaneri, Dharam Yadav, Jagdishpur Pradhan Sigaari, Mansha Yadav, Dinesh Pande, Ram Nivaare Yadav, Banaarsi, Bhuylot Yadav, along with several others have applauded the success of this attempt by Shabana Azmi. They are now looking forward to Shabana Azmi’s next visit to Mijwan, when they plan to give her a grand welcome!

Pradhan Dharam has aptly said that along with Mijwan, Shabana Azmi has taken village Kaneri also under her wing, and they will never be able to repay her.

Shabana Azmi wants no repayment. Mijwan, and surrounding villages, becoming model villages will be the best gift bestowed upon her.

स्थानीय तहसील ब्लाक और जिले के प्रसिद्ध प्राप्त गाँव मेजवा मे कुंवर नदी पर बनेगा पुल

फुलपुर आजमगढ़ 17दिसम्बर | फुलपुर ब्लाक के इस पिछ्डे छोटे से गाँव की तरक्की और खुश हाली के लिए प्रख्यात शायर स्वर्गीय कैफी आजमी ने जो बीड़ा उठाया था ।उनके अधूरे कार्य को पूरा करने के लिए उनकी पुत्री फिल्म अभिनेत्री शबाना आजमी दिन रात एक कर नित प्रतिदिन गाँव को एक अच्छे मुकाम पर पहुँचा कर एक आदर्श गाँव का दर्जा दिलाना चाहती है ।इसमे सफलता भी मिल रही है ।तमाम सुविधाएँ हो जाने के बाद शासन द्वारा चलायी जा रही योजनाओं का लाभ इस छोटे से गाँव मेजवा को दिलवाना चाहती है ।

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