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Shweta from MWS

“Ladkiyan kuch bhi kar sakti hain… bas ek mauka milna chahiye. Aur yeh mauke hum apne liye khud banayenge.”

Education is a mauka, an opportunity. Education would be meaningless if it doesn’t seep into the psyche of students leading to a sea change in attitudes and beliefs. Shweta’s self-belief, resonating through her spoken words, represents the soul and essence of the intention behind the formation of Kaifi Azmi Inter College for Girls – the initial mauka, the first step in a long path of self-discovery. Self-discovery not just of her own capabilities and self-worth, but the discovery that she herself can be the initiator of opportunities. That she herself can push open doors that will lead her into a world where life is unbound and limitless. The realization that even though she was born into an unprivileged family in the small village of Mijwan, her life doesn’t need to be contained. After all, Mijwan is the village where Kaifi Azmi was born. His birthplace did not handicap him… in fact, it was the making of him.

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Shirin Fatima from MWS

Shirin’s father wants to protect her from the big bad world out there, and get her married so that she can be in the safety of her sasural. But what does Shirin want?

“Main aage badhna chahti hoon… padhna chahti hoon. Shaadi toh karni hai, lekin shaadi main tab hi karoongi jab mujhe job mil jaayegi,” she declares.

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