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ShabanawithMijwanGirls ComputerCentre EmbroideryCentre
School Girls in Mijwan Computer Centre in Mijwan Embroidery Centre in Mijwan


Fifteen years ago, the poet Kaifi Azmi decided to change the destiny of his village. Mijwan was a village frozen in time. In the heart of Uttar Pradesh (UP), one of the poorest regions in the world. Mijwan is one of the 600,000 villages in India. Located in district Azamgarh, it ranked very low on the Human Development Index (HDI). High infant mortality rate alongside high birth rates, low literacy with less than 3% female literacy, poor housing, near absence of health and sanitation facilities, lack of access to clean drinking water, low nutrition - characteristic of the UP region, were also to be found in the village.

Rampant unemployment and underemployment coupled with small and unviable land holdings continue to cause a migration of villages into the large Indian cities and West Asia. More than 40% children drop out of primary education and join the labour force. Women are socially and economically restricted. However, in his village, Kaifi Azmi has translated his dream into action. His work over the past decade and a half is geared towards enabling the residents of Mijwan and their neighbours to enter the 21st century with confidence and dignity.

A lot has been achieved but a lot remains to be done.



  1. Capacity Building - infrastructure improvements, training, institutional integration
  2. Help to bring enabling government (state and centre) policies to the NGO's notice
  3. Volunteers to teach English in Kaifi Azmi School and Inter-College and Kaifi Azmi Computer Centre
  4. Assist MWS' expansion plans to open many more sewing embroidery centers in surrounding areas of UP
  5. Help in writing and directing plays for our students
  6. Create health awareness camps for MWS especially on prevention of infant and maternal mortality
  7. Upgrade our primary health sub-centre with equipment and medicines

INR 6000/- can see a girl child through school for an entire year.

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